Margaret River PRO

We were luckily landing in Perth, Australia just two days before the Margaret River PRO started with the feeding qualifiers. No press pass, no possibility to swim around them with the housing, but at least the chance to shoot the greatest surfers on competition on what they say are the biggest waves of the whole south of Australia at its best.


14 hours flight from Europe to Denpasar. Welcome to paradise with 12 hours of sunlight, good winds early in the mornig, mellow waves and mellow people. Sometimes toomuch party happening around but amazign quiet secret spaces if you know how search and hide. Bali is always a good choice for first timers in Indonesia. Not too wild, and similar to what a western would like to be Indonesia like.

White Room

On Chinese New year 2019 (5th Febuary)  Simon Holznagel & Juanchi Berthold and I (part of the team of Niseko Black) went to explore some hidden areas around Niseko. Areas barely known so we kept it a secret so we could enjoy the peace of the mountains for longer. We managed to hike some short summits and found a great quantily of fresh dry Japanese Powder.

Shaping Room

Foam dust all over the place, resins and catalysts, strong quemical smells around, color contrasts found with the right lights aiming for shadows to find the best symetry on the lines over the foam. The artist, the glide machine creator. From scratch, with just a block of foam and  a string of ply wood to give a bit of strenght to the final board.


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